I knocked myself out tonight...
2003-04-17 19:34:21 ET

Yep, fell down some stairs backwards on my skates, well on my head really... I was trying to do an allioop (to spin 180 degrees to land on somthing) misou (to land with your lead foot planted parralel on the rail with the trailing foot pointed perpindicular down the hand rail, I missed. I was out for over 3 minutes...:) Woke up to see stars, pretty trippy.
Note to self #42,677: Self (well cause self is what I call myself) Quit landing on your head.
Im so glad its almost Friday:)! Must get R and R! Maybe go sing... I don't know yet.
I hope there is a definitive future for SK soon. It would be a drag if it bails.
I hope you all are doing well, and I hope to keep meeting people on here for a long while to come.


2003-04-17 19:40:04 ET

Ouch. Hope you're okay now. :)

2003-04-17 19:44:21 ET

Hi Jolie:) I am all good, big knot, but its all good. I landed it twice b4 I missed. If I would have not landed it first it would hurt more. lol

Nice to meet you, Russ

2003-04-17 19:44:45 ET

*hands you a band-aid* no more of that silly stuff

2003-04-17 19:47:21 ET

Hello :) Well, I'm glad that you landed it first then. lol. Nice meeting you too.

2003-04-17 19:47:54 ET

Band aid's are for wussey's unless you got some snoopy ones, I like those;)

2003-04-17 19:49:07 ET

no snoopy's but i do have the neon colored ones :)

2003-04-17 19:49:54 ET

neon green?

2003-04-17 19:51:59 ET

::nodnod:: yup...green ones are my fav then the orange..

2003-04-17 19:56:42 ET

I'm all about the green one;)

2003-04-18 01:07:31 ET


im offline for afew days and i miss your innitial update...drat it...oh well...i said id bid you welcome so...welcome!

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