Hey All...
2003-04-21 18:51:54 ET

I hope everyone had a good easter. Mine was quiet, well kinda. I have been rendering some digi art again... If you wanna see it let me know.
Monday's suck, but this one is over... woohoo...

Oh... btw YEAH FOR SK!!!!!!!


2003-04-21 18:56:03 ET

Mondays blow big donkey, but Tuesdays blow even more ..for me at least :) hope your Tuesday is better then mine.

ps..never mentioned this before but your little boy is absolutely adorable!

2003-04-21 19:05:13 ET

My Easter sucked. Ah well.

2003-04-21 19:15:13 ET

Monddays do suck! Tuesdays usually suck, but I have an appointment at the tattoo parlor tomorrow:)

Hi BloodyKissesRust...:)

My son is WAY cute, I think he got that from his Mom, she is beautiful.



2003-04-21 20:24:48 ET

oooh tattoos! I am going to get another one soon as I lose weight, it'll be like a present to me :)

and he looks like you, i don't know what his mom looks like but i think he looks like ya

2003-04-21 20:40:11 ET

Thank you Sabbi:) I love my son so much, he is the best thing in my whole world...

I am gonna get two big blue dragons on my arms:)

Gift to me. Its kinda like an official statement. It means that I have made up my mind that I will make my living creatively...lol


2003-04-21 20:43:11 ET

My first one has several meanings. I have a thing about pixies and faeries so it sorta represents that, and then there is the fact that i'm a super shy person so her being a mime too sorta represents that, then there is the whole sadness thing so ya know. it's supposed to represent me. my friends named her Betty for some odd reason. don't let anyone name yours anything weird :)

2003-04-21 20:52:02 ET

Right on, I like faries too:)

2003-04-21 20:53:14 ET

I have a pic of her in one of my galleries on my page...you should check it out. the art work i got it from is called " i want to be a faerie but i'm just a clown" which kinda doesn't work well for me since i hate clowns but she's a mime so whatever

2003-04-22 04:42:13 ET

i like the new page its nice

2003-04-22 13:11:20 ET

I love dragons. I have an ink one wrapped around my left bicep.

yep, yep, yep, getting sleeves is definitely a committment away fron corporate life. Now all I need is cash. ;)

2003-04-23 04:05:41 ET

Yeah, I used to work for Nortel Networks...lol I got the dragon, it looks awsome, I will add pics when I get home from work.

Oh Oddstar, I changed the look for you;)...jk, Thank you Oddstar.

Have a great day people...


2003-04-23 05:39:10 ET

haha thanky you then! lol in that case its the best page ive ever seen. haha ;)

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