blue dragons....
2003-04-23 16:11:09 ET

Well here is # 1...

I hope to be able to afford # 2 next week.

2003-04-23 16:20:14 ET

That's awesome!

2003-04-23 16:24:22 ET

TY Sabbi:)

2003-04-23 16:26:10 ET

very welcome :)

2003-04-24 04:26:06 ET

nice! :P

2003-04-24 19:47:41 ET

Nice work, very clean.

2003-04-24 21:52:47 ET


who did the work?

2003-04-25 04:33:51 ET

Thats a better pic, it isn't all swolen etc....
BadApple tattoo company LV,NV
I did some work on the owner's house, and he totaly hooked me up.
Now if I could only get the other one done...

2003-04-25 19:47:02 ET

Rad Rad Rad and more Rad my man. Word to the jellies too, homes!

2003-04-25 23:05:50 ET

I have soooo many jellies it's not even funny. I quit wearing them though sad for me.

but that tat is superb

2003-04-26 00:13:22 ET

My Jellies rock!

2003-04-27 00:33:58 ET


2003-04-28 11:14:49 ET so fucking gnar. You, my man, rock hard core

2003-04-28 23:08:03 ET

TY SiS and UnLabled... Oh, and you ladies rock hard core too;)


2003-05-03 09:14:05 ET

It looks even better in person ;)

2003-05-03 18:04:23 ET

what a great time;)

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