2003-05-18 08:24:09 ET

Today, I am having the B-Day party for my son. Tomorrow he turns three. Chuck E Cheese is gonna feel the wrath of a dozen two, three, and four year olds today...

I am dissapointed in people right now. Nobody imparticular, just people. I think I am lonely. I try to tell myself somtimes that I don't need anyone for companionship. I mean if everything ended now I could say that I have experienced alot of wonderful things and I would not leave this place with any regrets. I was married once and truly in love with someone. I have a legacy through my son. I was even a paratrooper. I beleive I have truly lived a colorful existance here.

However, if I am gonna stick around a while, company would be nice. I have been living pretty crazy since my divorce. I have a pile of phone numbers of women I could complicate myself with. None are really worth it though. I have done the wrong thing before just cause I was lonely. I am not gonna do it again. It certainly doesn't make me feel any better. I don't wanna change anybody, and I don't wanna be changed. I want compatibility.

So like Leonard Nemoy... I am in search of. Not looking too hard though. I figure it will just happen if I keep myself in the social stew of the fabulous but psychotic Vegas Valley. Either that, or I will just keep adding to the pile of phone numbers. Right now there is one person I have bumped into again that I would love to wrap myself up with. I don't know if she is ready though. I guess I will find out. I have nothing but time.

GOD I love this time of year here...


2003-05-18 09:24:06 ET

that's an interesting contrast - rowdy toddlers at Chuck E Cheese and being lonely. It actually makes sense - the loneliest I have ever been in my life was when I was still married and things were starting to fall apart.

aw hell, call her. :)

2003-05-18 09:28:07 ET

I just read in your Bio that you were recently in Ft. Bragg... how long ago was that?

2003-05-18 09:45:59 ET

Give your son a big huge Happy Birthday. # years old what a great age.
I understand the being dissapointed, I keep trying and realize most of the time it was a waste. ::shrugs :: there is always that says "someday it will happen".

2003-05-18 09:56:12 ET

hey...I completely understand that lonliness thing....dont give up, you'll randomly bump into a good one, ya know, the kind you wont hafta change a thing about, or wont wanna change a thing about you...it'll happen.

By the way, wish your beautiful son a happy birthday for me

2003-05-18 10:20:07 ET

Sky Mosher... I will call her:)... did I tell you that you rock lately?

Blue Phreak... I was @ Bragg for six years, I left two years ago... I hate to admit it, but I kinda miss it...

Excessivenoise... I wish you lived closer;)

And last but certainly not least... UL, I keep looking, but I can't find your twin anywhere... I am sure she is around, maybe I'll find her and she will let me climb her. Until then...:)

My son is gonna have fun... ~happy dance~

2003-05-18 10:22:21 ET

ah okay.. because my dad was just there about 2 months ago.. he's in Iraq now...

2003-05-18 10:23:52 ET

Ugh I just looked at my post and realized all the misspellings sorry I had like 2 hours or sleep last night.
But you know vegas is only 3 1/2 hours away, road trips are always fun.

2003-05-18 10:40:38 ET

If i had a clone, i'd send her your way, although she'd probably be nice the one, i've already claimed the evil part. =) Either way she'd still be me, and have the same height and other such things. *hugs* good luck with your search

2003-05-18 10:45:49 ET

Hey Blu... Your Dad is in good company, be proud he is a patriot!

Excessive... I was just reading it, not grading it silly...

UL Your hugs rock... even virtualy

2003-05-18 10:47:01 ET

damn straight cause im good like that *long virtual hug*

2003-05-18 10:48:36 ET

Damn UL, your poking me:)

2003-05-18 10:49:37 ET

you're horrible...lol, go ahead and find my twin, but the hugs are gonna be the same, so she'll poke you too

2003-05-18 10:50:10 ET

I like bieng poked....

ok, I'll stop right there...

2003-05-18 10:51:00 ET

*laughs* dirty minded...not that i object

2003-05-18 15:40:10 ET

lol DH. I consider myself told. :)

sounds like you should call UL! you two are so freaking cute on here. :D

2003-05-18 19:22:31 ET

i'm always late here. so just wanted to send you a pat on the back and say umm..i sorta understand and you are a super cool person :) haha. just trying to stick my nose in a tad

2003-05-18 21:28:23 ET

*laughs* cute...just friends. He's my compliment buddy, keeps my ego inflated

2003-05-20 16:47:33 ET

ego inflating buds are worth their weight in gold!

2003-05-20 16:49:57 ET

Exactly, thats why he's gonna be a long kept ego inflating bud =)

2003-05-20 19:51:42 ET


2003-05-21 07:59:00 ET


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