2003-05-18 20:11:00 ET


OMG, my day turned out better then it started. My sons B-Day was completely off the hook. He had so much fun. No matter how bad I feel, there is a certain uncontrolable laughter that my son has when he is excited and happy it makes me smile and feel so good. He did that alot today, very theraputic for me. Check out these pictures that I have taken in the last day or so including his B-Day today.

Dirty faced little monster

Monster Truck Freak...

Dad taught him well, girls are icky, put them in headlocks!
OKOK, its a hug...

What a wonderful day.

2003-05-18 20:14:41 ET

yay, i'm not late here :) whoohoo.

it's true though, no matter how bad you feel about you, kids always make it better. that's why i like hanging around olivia and emilee so much. they make me smile.

and i know i've said it before but absolutely adorable :)

2003-05-18 20:17:30 ET


I think angels talking might sound like children laughing...

2003-05-18 20:18:29 ET

definately. Olivia and Emilee are my angels. They keep me sane and happy (at least partly happy :) )

2003-05-18 20:19:59 ET

I understand completely:):):)

2003-05-18 20:25:44 ET

your son has little angel eyes. :)

and as much of angels as they can be...man can they be devils as well :) but it just makes you love them more.

haha. olivia is 3 now and she can identify Target. We were out eating with them the other night and asked her if she wanted to go shopping and where, she said yes and target. so we were on our way there when she starts inspecting her week old shoes. she tells my mom "oma (well she says ahma but that's another story)...my shoes are old. i need new shoes" haha..that was the greatest

2003-05-19 06:04:52 ET

Glad the party went great.
I see your son is a Spiderman freak just like mine.

2003-05-19 13:21:48 ET

Definate spiderman freak!!!
How old is your son excessive?

2003-05-19 15:24:31 ET

just turned 7 last month and has been on this spiderman kck since he was around 3.

2003-05-19 18:59:18 ET

Adorable! :D It's good he had a happy one! Kid's birthdays always seem to have so much more meaning and give so much more fun than even your own. :D

2003-05-19 19:36:06 ET

haha i have a little spiderman figure that has been the mascot of my car since i found it.

2003-05-20 08:20:28 ET

Im late this time..But...as always that kid gets cuter everytime i see him....even more so with the girl in the headlock thing. *smiles* next time i'll hafta send him one of those spiderman gloves so he can shoot silly string at everything

2003-05-21 17:40:28 ET

have I mentioned that he's ADORABLE? =)

2003-05-21 18:22:10 ET

he could so be a commercial kid :)

2003-05-21 19:30:26 ET

sorry guy's I honestly know I kinda spam my son on here....but I can't help it.

commercial kid...lol

2003-05-21 19:32:46 ET

i could see him in either a band-aid ad or perhaps a welches commercial that is less annoying cause he's so damned cute :)

2003-05-21 19:35:46 ET

thank you SaBbI... how have you been?

2003-05-21 19:40:06 ET

i've been trying to get through the summer at work. :) how have you been?

2003-05-21 19:44:47 ET

I am good. I think that I will be very busy very soon. I've got my engine shit coming back from the machine shop, and the parts are all here to put it back together. This has been a project I've needed to get done, and now I see light at the end of the tunnel. It will also give me a fun ass second vehicle. Can't wait.

2003-05-21 19:47:33 ET

yay! i'm sad cause i can't get the kind of car i really want due to lack of someone to work on it. but i may have someone to buy my other car..which is coolness.

fun vehicles are the best, if you know how to properly take care of them

2003-05-21 19:51:38 ET


What kind of car do you want that you can't get?

2003-05-21 19:54:11 ET

I was looking at a 57 Chevy, but they took the 'for sale' sign off of it before i had a chance to actually stop and look at it, then there is a ...i think it's 65 but i'm not sure, mustang for sale over in my old neighborhood, but mom doesn't want me to get it cause she thinks it will be more money in the long run with not having a "car person" in the family

2003-05-21 19:57:55 ET

lol... your a girl, get a car friend guy to do it. Duh if you girls knew the powers you could harness... Us guys would be toast.

2003-05-21 19:59:43 ET

i don't have any 'car friendly' guy friends...i have one computer friendly guy friend...and that about takes up all my guy friends.

2003-05-21 20:00:52 ET

my cousin knows how to work on cars, but i'd also have to be able to pay for it. so i'm going to stick with waiting to get that kind of car til i'm out of school or have a better paying job

2003-05-21 20:03:40 ET

yeah... If I had the money for all the toys I wanted.... OMG That would be so cool..

~~~ponders the thought~~~................~~~wipes drool off of chin~~~

sorry I got carried away....

I got nothin

2003-05-21 20:06:13 ET

yeah i try not to think about it too much, makes me want them more and then i get all pissy cause i can't have them.

we can wallow in our "not having anything" pity together. have a little party and such :)

2003-05-21 20:09:03 ET

How about a pitty toga party. We can invite UL and Shadow and we could hang out, feel sorry for ourselves and each other. Sounds like a hoot!

2003-05-21 20:10:16 ET

hmm..yeah but i'll not be wearing a toga. i'm anti-toga :) but it does sound like a hoot otherwise

2003-05-21 20:12:03 ET

OK, well have a pajama jammy anti-toga pitty party jamathon!!!

2003-05-21 20:13:47 ET

whoohoot! i really want to have a party bad. i don't think i've ever been to a real (non-family) party..ok well once i was, but that wasn't really partylicious. man my life has been boring haha.

super jamathon!! sounds like superb amounts of fun

2003-05-22 06:11:37 ET

SaraSide1, all you need is a Chilton's manual, some tools, and some patience. Ok, a bunch of patience. ;) I learned to work on my motorcyle because I didn't have the money to pay someone to fix it. It's such a great feeling to know that your wheels are on the road because you fixed 'em!

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