I got suckered......
2003-05-21 15:46:07 ET

So I go to pick up my son today from daycare. The lady who works there said "have you seen the pictures of Jake?"
I in turn said "what pictures of Jake?" She goes "let me get them". So she comes back with a complete photo package of my son??? I don't remember asking for that... She said "only 30 dollars" so, I got suckered... They take foofoo pics of your kid and taunt you with a developed picture package...

What was I gonna do....

2003-05-21 15:48:20 ET

yeah thats too cute to pass....id woulda been suckered as well

2003-05-21 16:03:26 ET

OMG... did you see my weather punk??? Its almost 100F here...
No wonder I thought my AC sucked in my truck today...

2003-05-21 16:07:58 ET

no shit...damn ouch

2003-05-21 17:31:15 ET

I think that picture in itself is worth 30 bucks.

2003-05-21 18:25:42 ET

ah hell i would have bought 2

2003-05-21 20:29:09 ET

Lol, brilliant idea on their part, I'm thinking. Who could resist? :D

2003-05-21 20:30:58 ET

ExAcTlY ZaS. Them Damn PreScHoOl NAZI'S!!!!

2003-05-21 20:32:21 ET

that's such a better picture then the one they took of Olivia at daycare. she looks like she's picking her underware out of her butt and she also has this "duh" look on her face. but they had to buy the pictures cause of the damn preschool nazis :)

2003-05-21 21:33:10 ET

Evil daycare people...that picture is cute though

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