2003-07-07 10:57:09 ET

Things are slowing down for me finally... I am sorry to have left so abruptly. To make a super long story short. Someone did me a favor that was so great, that I basically owed them my free time for a while. lol

Anyway, I am back now. Also I am not in such a pinch.
I do want to throw a huge shout out to the few LA SK clan I got to meet for the 4th of July. It was all Excessive Noises fault!!! Remeber if any of you come my way let me know.

I have my son currently. Thank GOD! I kinda went a lil buck wild while he was gone this last time. He totally grounds me and I need

I hope to talk to everyone soon...


2003-07-07 18:10:18 ET

All my fault you make that sound like a bad thing.

2003-07-07 19:31:25 ET

::does the happy dance:: yay! you've come back! we've missed you hard core and stuff

2003-07-08 09:57:44 ET

welcome back. :)

2003-07-08 18:33:35 ET

bout damn time *smiles* major missage and such

2003-07-09 14:40:18 ET

Hi All...:)

Excessivenoise: ~hugs~ No it wasn't a bad thing silly girl. I had alot of fun, plus it was kinda like a sick ass sleep deprevation experiment. I made it to Barstow and pulled over for an hour to sleep. It was scorching ass hot outside though and my nap was short. I made it home and slept 9 hours. Good stuff! By the way Heather, are you gonna make it to the SK meet?

Sabbi: ~hugs~ its been so
How are you doing? What have you been up too?

Skymosher: ~hugs~ missed you! I hope you are all good too;)

UL: ~stands on tippy toes hugs~ I was missed? I am flattered. you rock, but you already know that.!

2003-07-09 15:37:23 ET

Sk meet up there just let me know when. If it is the one this weekend I can't make it wish I could though.

2003-07-09 19:36:11 ET

i am doing..that's about it :) things are wet and hot here it sucks. hope all is well by you :)

how's mini-you?

2003-07-10 12:43:29 ET

Its lightening here...i love it...everyone come to my house

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