Another eight hour day...
2003-07-10 15:23:00 ET

It is so FU#*ING hot here, that I watched an old lady on the street just burst into flames....WOOSH! OK Thats an exaggeration, but it got up to 113 in Vegas. The heat felt like someone was pushing down on me today. I went and sang last night and they want me to start practicing with them. I am stoked but busy.
Jake and I are having alot of fun. I have got him potty trained and he feels like such a lil pimp cause he's a "big boy" now:) I need to get some digital pics posted soon. I have not skated in 3 days, its bumming me out but I can't do much about it. I need a 50 hour day. Smoke comes out of my ears when I think of going to school on top of all this shit... Hmmmmmm One day, one thing at a time.

I need a redbull..

or a nap.


2003-07-10 15:43:34 ET

i think a and you should go skate when you have some time !
bad ass pic by the way

2003-07-10 16:06:15 ET

If your gonna do the red bull keep it at one lol we know what happens when you drink more :)

2003-07-10 16:07:38 ET

your tattoos looking extreamly cool the way you altered that pic

2003-07-10 19:57:32 ET

I love those tatts, they rock

2003-07-11 03:46:11 ET

Thanks everybody, I opted for the nap by the way. Kinda went too far to. I went to sleep at 6:00pm and woke up at 5:00am. Thank GOD for grandma! The problem is I slept through my second night of band practice:( (bad!) I need to start focusing on time management or somthing.
I'm glad you all liked that pic. I hate all pics of myself, I guess I hate some less then others. I do love photoshop 7!!! It is sopposed to be Xtremely hot again today. Thats the only problems with my tattoo's. They are done in solid blue, so I need like 45spf sunblock everyday to keep them from fading. I end up with a red sunburnt face and white arms... I guess I need to use it on my face too. Whatever. (rambling now)

You guys rock. I'm glad I did not go with the Redbull!

Oh yeah, Excessivenoise did see me OD on redbull one night. Damn Yagerbombs!

here is the original of that pic

2003-07-11 03:55:23 ET


2003-07-11 06:59:15 ET

yaggerbombs yummmmmm, I got lucky that night drinking as much as I did. Not even a queasy tummy the next day. Try to stay semi cool at work just think as of 5 tonight (or as soon as they give you your check) it is the weekend :)

2003-07-11 08:14:29 ET


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