Its getting all better...
2003-07-11 15:12:30 ET

Friday has fell upon us, and I need this weekend bad!> Today in Las Vegas it was 115! I had a big candle in my truck that I use to slick up rails and ledges when I skate, I got back to my truck this afternoon and it melted all into my trucks carpeting. It has encapsulated a few stray frys that landed behind my seat too. I think I will try to get it out without killing it and give it a name. If the surgery goes as planned you all can help me name it.

I did this lastnight...

I Love Photoshop7!

2003-07-11 15:14:32 ET

that picture rocks!
and you should relax this weekend and

2003-07-11 15:37:21 ET

I am gonna relax this weekend, skate and spend time with my son. I hope. Thanks (about the pic).:)P

2003-07-11 17:18:44 ET

such a cool pic

your photoshop skills are amazing

2003-07-11 17:32:48 ET

Now you just made me smile JJJ:) Were even...
Thank you:)

~blushes-then hides in the corner~

2003-07-11 17:34:30 ET

awww hehe

2003-07-11 19:59:06 ET

your son is so cute ...he looks like a little model

2003-07-11 20:48:23 ET

Thank you, thank GOD he got his looks from his Mom, she was really attractive for a bitch. :)

2003-07-11 20:50:53 ET

your welcome...and i dont think he got all his looks from his mom...don't take that the wrong way...but yea

2003-07-11 20:53:57 ET

~blushes again and hides in the corner~

jk... thanks.

I just got back from skating... I feel sooooooooo much better...

2003-07-11 20:55:43 ET

no problem

and glad your feeling better...skating is a magical thing to say the least...i mean im not into it the same as you are but its still a big part of my life...except i board...but i do suppose the feeling is generally the same

2003-07-11 21:02:04 ET

I board too, have most of my life. I just started inlining like a year and a half ago, and I love it.

Lets me vent my big fat ass aggressions!

2003-07-11 21:03:32 ET

exactly...helps me from beating up all the people that i oh so want to at times

2003-07-11 21:17:53 ET

yes...! You nailed it!

2003-07-11 21:53:26 ET


2003-07-12 06:57:22 ET

awesome photo

2003-07-15 09:51:52 ET


what did I miss?

2003-07-15 20:23:17 ET


2003-07-16 13:09:23 ET

good pic, i enjoy. *hugs*

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