2005-09-14 06:56:21 ET

I'm starting to not like them year I'll be a quarter of a century old.... SAD!
So my brother went to take the ASVAB today to join the Coast Guard... the new recruiter there wouldn't let him take it cuz he sleep walked about 9 years ago. WTF?

2005-09-14 10:07:49 ET

they dont want him sleep walking right off a ship

2005-09-14 23:11:25 ET

tell him to go join the sleep walking coast guard. their headquarters are in kalamazoo. true story.

also, happy womb liberation day yet again! ill send you the present that i so obviously got you for this occasion. <shifty eyes>

2005-09-16 05:17:27 ET

thanks.... I knew you didn't forget about me!

oh, and joseph is already on his way to kalamazoo...

2005-09-16 17:18:36 ET

fook yes. my plans are coming together. <rubs hands together mischeviously>

2005-09-17 19:41:14 ET

your page looks so much better now ;-P

my eyes thank you

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