2005-09-19 18:40:56 ET

I'm not sure if Rita is planning on coming this way... but the projected storm surge will be going over my house. It will definitely be an interesting week....

2005-09-19 20:11:58 ET

just come back and stay with us!

2005-09-19 20:40:10 ET

wwwwhhhheeeeeee. hurricane season is phun!

I'll keep you in my mind dear =p

2005-09-20 01:30:06 ET

shoot the hurricane good with your newly acquired elephant/hurricane gun.

2005-09-20 09:40:56 ET

i agree with Turbo, shoot it!

2005-09-21 02:01:02 ET

its the texas way! they make buttplugs...for hurricanes!?!?!?

2005-09-21 06:14:09 ET

um... I think I saw some in walmart.

2005-09-21 07:02:53 ET

Nah, it must been Sam's Club. u need industrial sized butt plugs for hurricanes.

2005-09-21 18:13:18 ET

this is true. and then you can also buy them in bulk!

2005-09-22 07:42:17 ET

Katrina would have been a huff had it been properly plugged.

2005-09-22 18:47:01 ET

damn strizzaight, yo.

2005-09-23 09:00:50 ET

*pictures a hurricane with a giant buttplug inserted in it's eye*

yeah I guess that would work

2005-09-23 09:07:15 ET

yet i get in trouble for a little harmless "colla- pop'n"!!

2005-09-23 09:38:10 ET


2005-09-23 15:01:52 ET

cause buttplugs arent obnoxious and connected with internet preppy retards!!! <shakes fist>

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