Why are there still "donate to Katrina victims" signs here?
2005-09-26 21:47:28 ET

I saw a sign today for Katrina victims and I laughed. Don't get me wrong, it's not funny... just ironic...

God decided to make the hurricane miss my house. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. We were hoping my little trailor would be destroyed... BUT in the long-run I guess it's easier this way.
I ended up having an AWESOME time running away from the hurricane that didn't hit here. Spent a few days on the river with friends kayaking, swimming, shopping, and having campfires. Then spent the night in austin on lake travis. SO MUCH FUN! I've decided that I know some of the best people in the entire world... all over the world!

Now me and my new tan are going to bed. We are tired.
cheerio dahlings!

2005-09-27 03:20:58 ET

Glad you were untouched by the storm!

2005-09-27 18:04:06 ET

haha u got a TAN

2005-09-28 18:43:26 ET

is it so hard to believe I got a tan?! ok... tan for me when I'm 'chalky' instead of transparent. geez....

2005-09-29 16:32:01 ET

i dont tan...i just burn...except for the inexplicable defiance that rule that has taken hold of my left/driving arm.

2005-09-30 09:43:07 ET

yesh....it's kinda hard to NOT see your car tan... ;-)

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