So this is it!
2005-10-04 13:07:17 ET

I talked with my recruiter today and a friend of mine ended up being at the office. She joined a year ago and is loving it.
I think I've made my decision. I'm going. I need to lose 14 pounds and work on push-ups. I'm ok with the running and sit-ups.
Anyway...wish me luck!
I'm hoping to get Aircraft Loadmaster! WOO!

2005-10-04 13:46:17 ET

Loadmaster has a pr0n stage name written all over it.

2005-10-04 16:12:10 ET

I think you'd look good in a red shirt (course I may be thinking of a totally different job than what you're talking about)

good luck at any rate!

2005-10-04 18:24:09 ET

"Loadmaster has a pr0n stage name written all over it."

yeah, that's what i'm sayin!

2005-10-04 18:46:25 ET

well it's a good thing I'm in the pr0n business...

2005-10-04 18:49:25 ET

true zat!

2005-10-04 18:50:14 ET

ZOMG are you online right now??????

2005-10-04 18:57:16 ET


2005-10-05 04:43:17 ET

Lars and i are twins by separate mothers and fathers but share the same ideal of perversion. or something.

2005-10-05 09:44:52 ET

that's hot

2005-10-05 15:33:56 ET

damn strizzaight

2005-10-06 07:48:38 ET

we're sexy rivet beasts. though i seem rather grungy in person, it is a meerly a disguise!

2005-10-06 16:59:30 ET

disguises are good - that only means you are also a NINJA

2005-10-07 05:14:59 ET

sweet! I'm a ninja too.... woo woo!

2005-10-07 16:33:00 ET

do you wear the ninja pants? did they also give you...the complimentary ninja buttplug?

2005-10-08 01:04:23 ET

mine even came with the ninja lube.

2005-10-08 01:33:48 ET

thats awesome!

2005-10-08 03:34:48 ET

I didn't get the buttplug OR the lube! :-(

2005-10-08 07:25:13 ET

call them up and demand your lube!

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