6 down, 8 to go!
2005-10-11 19:19:25 ET

I changed my goal to 30 pounds instead of 14 though... so I guess technically I've got 24 to go.
This is easier than I thought it would be. I don't think I ever really thought about all the JUNK I was putting in my mouth. Did y'all know that there's over 300 calories in a slice of a large pizza from Papa John's???? Did you know that there's 380 calories in a bean burrito from taco bell?? It's making me sick thinking about all the crap I put in my body.
I dragged my brother to see Sgt Gilderson today... that went well. That guy is pretty darn cool.

2005-10-11 19:20:53 ET

Are you working out and/or dieting?

2005-10-11 19:23:15 ET

I recamend my diet you can do whatever you want and still lose weight! its called the poor college student diet! try it out!

2005-10-11 19:35:49 ET

mmmm papa john's.

<eats his mcdonald's food>

2005-10-11 22:41:39 ET

The funny thing is, if you're working out enough you can eat that stuff like there's no tomorrow and be okay.

2005-10-12 04:44:13 ET

yeah... I haven't GAINED weight in a while, and I eat that kind of stuff. But now I need to LOSE...so all that junk is out the window.
Anyway, I am working out. I run/jog 3 times a week and bike the other three. I alternate weight lifting and sit-ups/push-ups also. So I'm getting a lot of exercise.

2005-10-13 08:04:57 ET

Dang, that's pretty active! You'll be lean and mean in no time ;)

2005-10-17 18:52:20 ET

yeah... hopefully...

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