It's today!
2010-07-12 05:02:34 ET

I'm tired, and it's almost time for the morning poo. I had more crazy dreams last night about end of the world stuff. I was also shooting fireworks...I can't remember why.

I just saw a post this morning where someone confessed that the hate coffee.


How can someone hate the life-giver of liquid? May they wither in denial until they accept the truth!

But I digress....

I've been frequently having these weird dreams about the world coming to an end. When I wake up from these dreams I feel like I've been running all night... I love the dreams, wish I could get the rest I need while I'm having them though!

2010-07-12 07:20:17 ET

A co-worker of mine can't have coffee. It gets his heart rate up so much that his body tries to reject it and makes him throw up. A hot chocolate is enough to make him zoom around the plant.

2010-07-12 12:49:29 ET

i had a bunch of sexual dreams last night.

you weren't in them!

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