2003-06-07 08:58:06 ET

does anyone here know any midgets? I have an obsession.... I just want to know one! that's all! I'm not a freak. I promise. I used to want one as a pet, when I was a kid, then my mom gently explained the fact that they are people. yeah, I was a stupid kid...but I grew out of it. anyway, now I just like little people. maybe cuz I'm tall...and I envy them.
aight, sorry.

2003-06-07 09:02:24 ET

There's been one at each college I've gone to. You shouldn't envy them, the one at my last school got a knee to the forehead a couple times accidentally at frat parties. Ouch. He was quite popular though.

2003-06-07 09:04:14 ET

aw...how cute! poor guy though! if I were him I would have bit the knee-er back in the balls. haha...I guess that's a little harsh huh? oh well...
I can't believe you've met more than one! that's awesome....you should introduce me. haha...

2003-06-12 00:51:17 ET

midgets are yummy

2003-07-09 07:15:46 ET

i have 2 midgets for friends!
they're really cool...
we have a lot of fun

2003-07-09 07:43:12 ET

and yes... i've made it my mission to basically comment in every entry of your's ...


i dunno ... i'm bored..

what school do u go to?

2003-07-09 11:01:45 ET

lol....you are too fun.
san jacinto community college....studying nursing... YAY me! *high five*

2003-07-09 11:03:35 ET

community college RULES

2003-07-09 11:03:47 ET

oh yeah baby

2003-07-09 11:04:01 ET

u know it

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