2007-08-21 09:14:25 ET

I've been feeling down lately and just... brain dead.


I think the worms are taking over my brain!


Hey, spindle-limbs! Lounge your lanky self over here, totter trotter walking on walking sticks like skeletal stilts. Moves around like a four legged spider. Arms and legs two yards long each. Speaks in grunts and hisses. Sells insurance door to door. Hurkahurka ayeee wooooould liiiike to ssssssssssssssssssssell yooou ssssssome liiiiife insuuuuuransssss. It's too late. Anyone blank enough to go for whatever he's selling has fallen asleep by now. Plan B. Spindle-limbs unhooks a sheath fashioned from rhino foreskin off of his long and slender and holey-in-the-middle proboscis and crawl-walks over to the nearest drowsy delinquent. SSssssssssssssssssssss and he sssslides the nose through the back of the neck sucking off blood fluid like some ssssstealthy sssssstilted sssssspinal tap. Blood, plasma, and marrow chunks and all. It tastes like seven vertebrae cream soda.


I don't know.

Hiding in the freezer...
2007-08-19 12:17:03 ET

2007-08-17 01:56:13 ET

2007-08-16 02:11:15 ET

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Defcon 15.
2007-08-08 12:04:38 ET

YouTube video of me shooting stuff.

Sheer luck.
2007-07-29 22:48:59 ET

Found a Roland JP-8000 in the trash today. Took it home and plugged it into the bass amp. It works! Here's a pic of Leo playing around with it:

2007-07-24 06:32:00 ET

Going to Defcon on the 2nd of August.
Looking forward to shooting SMGs, machine guns, and racing old man scooters down the Las Vegas Strip.
Anyone else going?
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