2003-10-26 15:12:04 ET


Q: Chicks dig me. What am I?
A: Mass grave used by female ninja assassins.

2003-10-26 15:15:03 ET

haha. lovely.

2003-10-26 15:29:01 ET

why do they have to be female ninja assassins?

could it just be a shit pile dug into by female prisoners?

2003-10-26 15:30:55 ET

digging graves for pirates. ninjas always beat pirates.

2003-10-26 15:32:29 ET

pirates are still better

2003-10-26 15:34:01 ET

ninjas beat pirates, but pirates are better, cause johnny depp is a pirate

2003-10-26 15:37:47 ET

also cause pirates are better

2003-10-26 16:31:13 ET


2003-10-26 16:31:53 ET

Pirates are better because ninja can't swim.

2003-10-26 16:32:10 ET

why cant ninjas swim?

2003-10-26 16:32:56 ET

didn't you ever play that game where the ninja dies when he goes in the water?

2003-10-26 16:33:12 ET

NO! enlighten me

2003-10-26 16:41:39 ET

um.. it's called "that game where the ninja dies when he goes in the water"

i think

2003-10-26 16:46:51 ET

I played that game. The ninjas suck because their swords can't shoot underwater.

2003-10-26 16:48:57 ET

Oh and they die too.

2003-10-26 17:18:03 ET

swords dont shoot!!!

2003-10-26 17:27:26 ET

Yes they do. Or at least the newest Pirate Ninjanator 3000tm ninja killing sword does.

2003-10-26 18:42:50 ET

Johnny Depp was only a pirate for so long. He's now going to be Willy Wonka. They are remaking that movie. It's gonna be so goofy.

2003-10-26 18:43:51 ET

no. shh.
johnny depp is a pirate.
MY pirate.

2003-10-26 18:48:10 ET

Yeah but, Willy Wonka could kick ANYONE'S ass. Admit it.

2003-10-26 20:33:59 ET

willy wonka is good...

2003-10-26 20:34:46 ET

i'm afraid even willy wonka would fall to a ninjas charms of DOOM.

its sad, i know.

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