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2003-10-27 23:03:22 ET

2003-10-27 23:17:50 ET


2003-10-27 23:20:29 ET

I got that from a site detailing the "Beer Butt Chicken" recipe:

2003-10-27 23:20:50 ET

Still it just looks... wrong.

2003-10-27 23:24:30 ET

jesus christ. mlllaaaargsh
that looks like the guy in seven (sin was gluttony). and he died eating all that crap at the table. yeah.

either that or chicken porn.

2003-10-27 23:33:20 ET

It's amazing what one can find on Google Image Search when one uses simple search terms. In this case I searched for "chicken".

2003-10-27 23:39:06 ET

hahahahaha too much :::dies to ground laughing:::

2003-10-28 02:21:46 ET

Wow that's disturbing.

2003-10-28 06:32:48 ET

Mmm, airline food.

2003-10-28 07:26:56 ET

now why the fuck would you do that

2003-10-28 10:02:02 ET

omg i hate airline food sooo much. the smell of it makes me want to vomit. i don't know why.

2003-10-28 10:34:28 ET

that picture is scary

2003-10-28 15:05:16 ET

That picture says "love" to me.

2003-10-28 15:12:17 ET

O_o :::gulps:::... i don't know which is scarrier... the pic... or tom's response to it hahaha :-)

2003-10-28 17:37:11 ET

...It... it looks like it has CONDOMS under its skin. At least two.

2003-10-28 17:46:07 ET

Actually those are lemon slices though I don't know what's worse.

2003-10-28 18:02:28 ET

Ahhhh. Lemon is good. Probably good in chiken. ...Suppose they're goint to... lean the chicken upside down and poor the beer in? *guesses*

2003-10-28 18:50:58 ET

all right, kiddies. I was just goofing off and saw this. I have to be the motherly person and come in and explain.

It's called "Beer-can chicken". You place all of your seasonings below the skin and take a half full can of beer and insert it into the bottom of the chicken. You then place it on a baking sheet and the alcohol will exaporate in the baking process. It leaves the chicken moist and flavorful.

Did mommy take all the fun out of it? Yes, it's still distrubing, but that is what is being accomplished. *G*

2003-10-28 18:53:54 ET

So in other words... rubbing the chicken clit helps it to get on the can. Then when it's on the can and the chicken is in heat, the can ejaculates steam inside the chicken?

2003-10-28 18:54:36 ET

hahaha :-) yea someone else 'splained it to me... sounds like it would sound good... (minus the lemon)

2003-10-28 18:55:53 ET

ok, that was more than enough information for me. i can find something perverted out of everything, but that's just gross.

2003-10-28 18:58:52 ET


2003-10-28 18:59:07 ET

Heh. Sorry. Anyway what I find more disturbing is the fact that someone put lemons in there. I mean... sour meat? *shudder*

2003-10-28 19:30:30 ET

I wonder if you COULD use lemon as a contraceptive.

2003-10-28 19:35:11 ET

try searching "dog meat".

2003-10-28 19:36:11 ET

Damn you. Now I'm hungry again.

2003-10-28 19:46:39 ET


2003-10-28 20:00:54 ET

actually women used to used scraped out lemon rinds as diaphragms in some mediterranean country, maybe india actually. i dont remember.

2003-10-28 20:01:50 ET

yea i heard somethin' bout it... but i couldn't remember exactly myself

2003-10-28 20:24:05 ET

I wonder if the contraceptive idea works to the fact that it stings the male's peehole so much sex is no longer wanted.

2003-10-28 20:46:54 ET


2003-10-29 05:02:12 ET

^^ hahaha.

2003-10-29 05:05:41 ET

hahahahaha and ew

2003-10-29 14:56:07 ET

What slightly bothers me is that you looked at the picture hard enough to SEE a 'clit'. And that technique sounds delicous. I like it when things are moist. Things that you eat, that is. ... crap it all, there's now way to dig myself out of thise hole anymore, is there? ;_;

nn.... lemon is chicken doesn't make it sour, goof! It adds the barest hint of flavor. Lemon actually tastes REALLY good if you take away the sour. I smell vanilla in my home. I want some. Watermelon candies of any sort are also delicous. As are creme and goo-filled things. ... and now my mind is back in the gutter.

2003-10-29 14:58:24 ET

ok... ::::gag's a little:::
uhm... i didn't see the part where someone said they saw a 'clit'... but that really doesn't sound cool haha

2003-10-29 14:58:48 ET

*points to neko* i love this girl. i need more SK family, wanna be my SK little sister?

2003-10-29 15:26:21 ET

*clears throat and quotes for gabe*
So in other words... rubbing the chicken clit helps it to get on the can. Then when it's on the can and the chicken is in heat, the can ejaculates steam inside the chicken?
... better? *evil smile*

Dara - oh YAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!! XD XD XDDDD Absotively. I like to have big siblings who are overprotective, but still like me to go out and have adventures. ^____^ And you're so EDUCATIONAL!! This means that Justyne is your sis now too, though. ^_^

2003-10-29 15:34:55 ET

whoa :::gulps::: thats probably the worst explanation hahahaha... i can't help but laugh.. but that is so wrong hahahaha

2003-10-29 15:50:12 ET

Neko: cool....who's justyne?

2003-10-29 16:31:31 ET

sweet jesus.


2003-10-29 17:36:52 ET

Why, she's my big sis, of course! ^_^

2003-11-01 08:48:08 ET

that poor fucking chicken... atleast it coulda been good beer. fucking buttwiper ick

2003-11-01 10:00:11 ET

beer fisting special.

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