2004-02-12 11:43:23 ET

2004-02-12 11:45:03 ET

how fuckin funny is THAT


2004-02-12 12:15:02 ET

*withholds awful tree material joke*

That's, er, amusing...

2004-02-12 12:18:29 ET


I'm sure that's SOMEONE's fetish...

2004-02-12 16:00:18 ET

id love to find stuff like that during a hike through the woods.
so much better than a stupid pinecone or a dead body.

2004-02-13 17:41:01 ET

now that's some wood

2004-02-17 19:12:54 ET

what's with that scrawny skin flute?

2004-02-17 19:14:26 ET

hahahahaha!!! that's hilarious

2004-02-17 19:16:57 ET

ooook that's just....*falls over laughing*

2004-02-17 19:33:31 ET

Oh now that brings new meaning to "tree hugger"

2004-02-28 15:39:02 ET

when i did some type of headtrip thats in a way what i saw!!

2004-03-12 22:30:07 ET

um wow. that is so cool.

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