2004-02-23 08:28:56 ET

2004-02-23 09:05:14 ET

i'd consider voting if that were to happen

2004-03-14 22:04:48 ET

I can not vote for a man who does not dance.

...the fact that I'm under 18 might prevent me from voting also. But that's a WHOLE nother story.

2004-03-14 22:44:52 ET

2004-03-14 23:01:21 ET

2004-03-14 23:27:11 ET

I'm voting for Dio before Kompressor

2004-03-14 23:28:50 ET

Dio, eh? Didn't he do a duet with Eminem?

2004-03-14 23:54:15 ET

How dare you imply such untruths!!
that was dido

2004-03-14 23:58:18 ET

No, no, I'm sure it was Dio. He was wailing on the gittar while Eminem was rapping about someone named Mr. Crowley who is running for President in 2004.

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