Big Bertha
2004-03-25 16:02:38 ET

I was performing a Google image search for the term "Big Bertha". For those who don't know, Big Bertha was the name given to the biggest artillery gun in WWI. Instead, the first thing that came up was this:

2004-03-25 16:03:25 ET should probably delete this entrly post-haste. Yaknow, if you value your SK account, that is...

2004-03-25 16:06:55 ET

the world never seems to amaze me

2004-03-25 16:10:33 ET

Panda Sandwich: Why? Do you have a problem with cake?

Jackie: Me too. What amazes me now is that it says cake but she's eating fried chicken. Mmmm I want some fried chicken....

2004-03-25 16:11:15 ET

I do. Cake pisse me off. Fuck Cake.

2004-03-25 16:13:40 ET

maybe if they said chicken it would offend all those peta kids out there? the visual makes no difference unless its said..ha

2004-03-25 16:15:35 ET

by saying cake it offends me.

2004-03-25 16:16:02 ET

damnit no one can win in this battle

2004-03-25 16:40:42 ET

Maybe she doesn't like fried chicken and wants cake instead. Cause it would be pointless to say "give me fried chicken" if she's already getting it.

2004-03-25 17:05:16 ET

the picture doesn't work for me...

when i first saw the word big bertha... thought you were talkin' about the driver

2004-03-25 17:13:04 ET

aww i understand....she got sick of all the fried chicken and she wants something sweet instead

makes perfect sense now

2004-03-25 17:52:54 ET

I've put the pic up on my own server so it should work now. If it doesn't... GIVE ME CAKE!!!

2004-03-25 18:37:36 ET

say it loudly brotha!

2004-03-26 01:45:19 ET

AHHHHHH!!!!!! O_o... big bertha how about that... i'm gonna go find a toilet to puke in now... i'll brb

2004-03-26 15:00:13 ET

i thought it was lovely

2004-03-26 15:08:01 ET

Something inside me just died... DAMN YOU AND YOUR GOOGLE IMAGING WAYS TO HELL!

2004-03-26 15:10:52 ET

Something inside you just DIED? You should see a doctor about that tapeworm, you know. They give you pills to get rid of it or you can simply tequila it to death. Mmm... fermented intestinal worm.

2004-03-26 15:12:43 ET

I can't tequila away my now dead soul. ::emo tear::

2004-03-26 15:13:30 ET

How about some cake, then?

2004-03-26 15:21:16 ET evil, evil man.

2004-03-26 15:23:51 ET



2004-03-26 15:40:45 ET

actually, he's pretty damn funny, buy YOU on the other hand like to torture random people over the Internet. For shame. For shame.

2004-03-26 15:52:36 ET

aw the kids in the hall fellow

he played a french man and made me laugh

2004-03-26 16:38:31 ET

No no it's Sir Simon Milligan! Master of funk.... AND EVIL!!!

2004-03-26 16:58:38 ET

hahaha i love that guy \m/... not like that... ok :::sighs::: maybe a little like that

2004-03-27 09:37:18 ET

Women like that were never meant for clothing, really, theres no point.

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