Motorcycling In The Chernobyl Dead Zone
2004-03-26 15:04:39 ET

2004-03-26 15:10:02 ET

What a fucking cunt.

"I drive through Chernobly because there are no cars and police officers and stoplights." No shit, you ass. Have some respect for the shitload of people who died there, bitch. GRAH!

2004-03-26 15:11:30 ET

Heh. Read the whole thing before making a judgement about it.

2004-03-26 15:16:28 ET

Yes, you should definately read more. I would say she is hardly disrespectful at all. Plus, she talks like ILL Mitch.

2004-03-26 15:18:06 ET

I want to listen her recording.

2004-03-26 16:38:30 ET

Ha! Second time someone has shared this link in 10 minutes :P

2004-03-27 10:24:16 ET

wow, that's really amazing. I remember searching for imformation and photos for chernobyl earlier this year and not being able to find anything like this at all

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