2004-04-20 16:34:23 ET

Am I the meanest?
Am I the prettiest?
Am I the baddest, mo-fo, low-down, around this town?
Well, who am I?

Nigga please! Kiss my Converse!

2004-04-20 16:34:56 ET

Hey my man, what it look like?

2004-04-20 16:36:00 ET

I'm gonna slap that sucker silly for alienation of affection! If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't know who it was! Chocolate covered yellow peril!

2004-04-20 16:40:36 ET

Where are you gonna go Angie? Without me you're nothing! Without that outfit you're just another no talent dental hygiene school drop out from Kew Gardens getting by on her tits!

2004-04-20 16:41:17 ET

And in the end Eddie you know what? You're nothing but a misguided midget asshole with dreams of ruling the world. Yeah, also from Kew Gardens. And also getting by on my tits.

2004-04-20 16:42:30 ET

Don't hurt that face baby! Don't hurt that face!

2004-04-20 16:45:30 ET

I'm tellin' you, Pop. The boy's an awkward. Stupid old clothes, won't mess with any babes... People talk, you know.

2004-04-20 16:46:09 ET

And if Evil-Lyn gets in, tell her im having gin, and I'll take one later with her hand and later on her chin!

2004-04-20 16:47:51 ET

Whatever fools, He-Man is on the loose, and when he gets here he'll probably rape both o' yours cabooze!

2004-04-20 16:49:01 ET

Sure I do, take off your clothes! Let me rape your ass and get down and dirty so damn fast. Arrrgh Skeletor you know what I have in store for your ass? A trap door in Greyskull will make you fall down. And on my cock you'll land, secretly on the ground. I will bound you and bind you and defile you all night! Aahh Skeletor I'll wine and dine you with my might!

2004-04-20 16:50:41 ET

Shake your ass and move it so damn slooow, I like the way it works, Beastman, you know how it goes!

2004-04-20 16:51:35 ET

Oh Skeletor, anything for you! I would do a thousand things through... I would lick the asshole of you! I would deliver mail. Arghhh, around the world I'd set sail. I'd betray you not.

2004-04-20 17:02:07 ET

Oh my goodness gracious me! I'm a gay man's golden fantasy. Programmed for homo ecstacy, ten million forms of gay positioning. For my golden shower you must pay a fee. But R2D2 gives it up for free. R2D2 watch your language, always having sex with robotic strangers.

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