Bad Goth Poetry
2004-06-01 22:25:06 ET

the cold rain falls on my face
awakening me to blistering existance
i feel my flesh decay and rot
and i pray for oblivion

i search for hope
perhaps the northern winds will take me
grasp me in their frigid fingers
and forever close my eyes

my heart's aflutter from the thought
and yet my joyous despair shatters
this shadow facing me
cold, condenscending, it is all that matters

i slowly realize where i am in horror
as sweat tears on my brow descend with me so ever further
as i utter
that horrid pentacle of words
"May I take your order?"

2004-06-01 22:37:45 ET

Art thou request burger that be off cheese and fries thou be french

2004-06-01 22:42:55 ET

I hath requested this burger which is of me, to be presented with catsup not. Wherefore then didst ye bestow upon me, this burger which doth be smothered in catsup, as red as thy blood?

2004-06-01 22:48:04 ET

Do my ears deceive me? What is this knavery upon which I bear witness? Though art a fool and liar and shall have no hand in the manipulating the fine matters which are the cornerstone of culinary arts! And I, the artist, who with thy quick wit doth see your plot and bites thy thumb at thee! I know your plot and plan and that is that your goal is to get thine food for free! I run you down you good for nothing clown, impale you with my sword! And if impaling you with my sharp stick may seem trite the gay I assure you it is not!

2004-06-01 22:49:54 ET

You'll have to call again. I'm, uh, not dressed properly.

2004-06-01 22:50:44 ET

I tried to understand but he just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence, moving from topic to topic such as that no one could interrupt - it was really quite hypnotic.

2004-06-01 22:51:10 ET

There are FOUR LIGHTS.

2004-06-01 22:53:32 ET

I am Worf, son of Mogh. I now take my place as first officer. I serve the captain but I stand for the crew. It is clear to me that none of you are worthy of my blood or my life - but I will stand for you.

2004-06-01 22:57:18 ET

My box has VD.

2004-06-01 22:57:52 ET

Oh, happy dagger!

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