2004-06-02 20:11:48 ET

No one comments on my SubKultures thing.


Are you all afraid of my thing?

2004-06-02 20:14:27 ET

Your what?

2004-06-02 20:16:09 ET

I know I am, Enamonphobia.

2004-06-02 20:17:23 ET

No just your wee wee

2004-06-02 20:22:10 ET


2004-06-02 21:04:18 ET

I'm not!


2004-06-02 21:14:21 ET

I keep my thing in my pants.

This is my thing:

2004-06-02 21:15:51 ET

I used to have three of those. One standing. One sitting. And one in my pants...er....laying down.

2004-06-03 11:53:04 ET

Some people have ants in their pants. I have lawn gnomes.

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