The Youth Vote
2004-11-03 03:43:37 ET

I didn't vote for Bush and I didn't vote for Kerry. I dislike both of them. Thus, however this election may turn out (and it looks like Bush is winning) I'll just be sitting here, watching with an amused smirk.

The reason I'm posting is I see a lot of people wondering what had happened to the youth vote. While I have no answer for that I will remind people of the following:

The 26th Amendment to the Constitution (changing the minimum voting age from 21 to 18) was formally certified in 1971.

In 1972 Nixon was re-elected.

2004-11-03 04:46:09 ET

i didnt vote either, i think mainly the older people voted this time..

except a few 21-23 yr olds.

2004-11-03 04:47:03 ET

well from what I've heard we've had the highest voter turn out in like 30 years, so someone, somewhere did something right

2004-11-03 05:26:40 ET

haha, ya really.

i want to say face is kerry you lost.. but its still too early to say that when all the votes havent been counted yet.

it dont wanna sound like a jackass and put the cart before the horse.

2004-11-03 08:33:17 ET

not too late now. kerry lost

2004-11-04 04:06:13 ET

haha, loser.

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