2004-11-28 11:51:12 ET

Hmm... I'm curious as to who has me listed as an SK buddy. Just wondering.

2004-11-28 12:20:28 ET


2004-11-28 14:02:05 ET

i would, but for some reason, i don't use my buddy list.

2004-11-28 15:56:24 ET

I just got added to your buddy list, so you're on mine now too.

2004-11-28 19:15:25 ET

i doooooooooo

2004-11-29 19:03:58 ET

you're on mine .. now arent you just kissing your lucky stars

2004-11-30 09:51:16 ET

I got you and your brother on mine.

2004-12-01 05:33:06 ET


2004-12-20 22:47:54 ET

I find myself adding you for some reason. Mind control? o.O

2004-12-21 11:33:47 ET

There is nothing wrong with your television set. We control the vertical and the horizontal. We... wait. No, actually I think there really is something wrong with your television set. Hmm... let me try this knob over here and... no, that didn't seem to work. Uh... try hitting it. No? Is this thing still under warranty?


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