2004-12-02 19:19:12 ET

Enamon23: I should start a National Geographic porn site that shows all sorts of species mating.
Enamon23: I want to see slugs go at it.
Friend: really
Friend: candice has pictures
Friend: look at her flickr site
Enamon23: Cool. There are lots of species I've always wondered about.
Enamon23: I'd like to see some Mature Horsefish puking out their young.
Enamon23: In fact...
Enamon23: I'm gonna go get my credit card right now.
Friend: lol...that would be weird
Friend: dont they lay eggs
Friend: lol
Enamon23: I think they lay eggs but after they hatch they keep them in their mouth. Or so I think. I may be wrong.
Enamon23: I know some fish do it.
Friend: ic
Friend: i whant ot see pigs going at each other
Friend: slapping there butts
Enamon23: They've corkscrew penises.
Friend: it would be fun to watch
Enamon23: I bet that if you made a metal reproduction of one you could open wine bottles with ease.
Friend: lol

2004-12-02 19:32:17 ET

the is a sculpture of slugs mating at my school

2004-12-02 19:33:06 ET

Excellent. Are they mounted? Or holding hands?

2004-12-03 05:07:42 ET

actualy they're biting eachother's penises off

2004-12-03 06:58:15 ET

.... honestly, I'm intrigued.

barnyard pron without the humans involved

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