2006-06-17 21:54:03 ET

There's are my neighbors:

2006-06-17 21:55:50 ET

I have the house centipedes. They went away for a while during the winter, but they're back now. I haven't spotted a silverfish yet though.

2006-06-17 21:56:58 ET

I saw one a week or two back but I let it live. The only silverfish I've seen recently is dead. I assume the other ones have been eated by the centipedes.

2006-06-17 22:03:51 ET

Look up and to the right if you want to see a silverfish.

2006-06-17 22:06:47 ET

That's the one I killed. I tend to leave the carcass since it tends to attract others and makes for an easy kill.

2006-06-17 22:08:42 ET


2006-06-17 22:12:25 ET

I usually find the centipedes in my sinks and the shower, but sometimes theyre just sitting there randomly on the wall.

2006-06-17 22:14:29 ET

I hate the centipedes because they can't crawl properly on the ceiling. They tend to scurry in a panic and fall straight down onto the ground with this clunking noise and then struggle to get back on their feet again.

2006-06-17 22:18:57 ET

Theyre also really fucking fast

2006-06-17 22:19:32 ET

On some days you just wish for birdshot.

2006-06-17 22:20:45 ET

And I just noticed that I think that I'm in the background of Sergey's avatar pic. All the way on the left.

2006-06-17 22:22:01 ET

I don't think so because the table behind Sergey doesn't hold any nyc2600 people.

2006-06-17 22:24:45 ET

You might be right. I'd have to look at more pics from that meeting to be sure.

2006-06-18 01:44:46 ET

The centipedes can also Parasail, I have watched the drop off walls and spread thier legs out and glide to the floor. They are along with the Mantis and the jumping spider my favorite bugs.

2006-06-18 11:09:27 ET

I nearly cried, after seeing those pictures. I saw one of those house centipedes once, at a friend's house, it was about to crawl on my head.

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