2009-11-25 15:59:28 ET


Been on staycation since Sunday. I haven't really done anything, which is actually a nice change. Played guitar hero for most of the day and then my buddy John came over and introduced me to Borderlands. I am officially hooked.. as soon as I can get off my lazy staycationing ass I'm gonna buy it..

So, how is your week going?

2009-11-25 16:44:13 ET

I like borderlands!

2009-11-25 17:26:57 ET

We need to Guitar Hero it together. FOREVER.

My week was ok until today. Today is BS.

2009-11-25 17:28:42 ET

i just ate a hangnail!

2009-11-25 17:29:24 ET


2009-11-25 17:29:43 ET

it tasted of pure!

2009-11-25 18:56:20 ET


I want some hangnail. :(

2009-11-25 21:24:59 ET

If money is an issue just get it cracked. When it came out, if you pirated it, you could still play with people who legitametly bought it. I havn't heard of anyone saying anything different so...

2009-11-26 03:37:04 ET

hi, i like your internet handle. it says a lot about you. thus i'm commenting. i'm in a rush so i can't actually read the meat of your post but just know... i'm sure it's awesome. you are filled with pudding.

2009-11-26 07:31:22 ET

Eh, money isn't really an issue I'm just lazy. I'll get it sooner or later.

Thanks! kinda' funny that I just put in for a name change though. OH welll.

2009-11-26 08:23:08 ET

Where in MA are you?

2009-11-26 08:54:13 ET

fall river, you?

2009-11-26 15:09:09 ET

hahaha Middleboro. I was living in Acushnet with my parents until I moved in with Lola.

2009-11-26 17:11:20 ET

haha, awesome!

2009-11-26 20:36:46 ET

i am totally sitting here farting right now! right now!

2009-11-26 20:38:09 ET

no way. me also. its amazing

2009-11-26 20:39:02 ET

holy shit we're cool!

2009-11-26 20:41:16 ET

Sorta' smells like turkey, haa

2009-11-26 20:41:59 ET

mine smells like macaroni and cheese and microwave burrito!

2009-11-26 20:42:52 ET

That's intense.

2009-11-28 14:24:50 ET

and how

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