Good Music,...if you dont listen to
2004-09-07 18:45:49 ET

Black Label Society
Black Sabbath
Iced Earth
Led Zeppelin
The DoorsThin Lizzy
Deep Purple
Pink Floyd
Guns n' roses
The Blue Oyster Cult

these are just some o my favs

2004-09-07 19:50:20 ET

Excuse grammer/spelling

2004-09-09 16:55:50 ET

that's cool... that really does explain the ibanez thing a lot better...

i like ibanez a lot... but i don't really play a style that would go well with 'em... but never know... i'll eventually get me one someday... just so i can rock out...
i love tech metal... even though i don't do it much...

2004-09-09 17:45:07 ET

What's this "tech metal" ?

2004-09-09 17:58:52 ET

basically technical metal... pretty much anything with definition... anything that isn't just barre chords for the most part... like tool, type O Negative, anything with technical music... for the most part

2004-09-09 19:02:11 ET

Funny, I always imagined music being just good music. "Non-technical" music would probably be the stuff played at ozzfest and modern radio.

2004-09-09 19:58:16 ET

well some tech is played on the radio... just rare... i'm not sayin' it's not good... i'm just sayin' i like somethin' with fillers... i don't like just hearing power and barre chords...
it gets on my nerves quick...

but as long as there is some sort of filler it's cool...

2004-09-09 19:58:43 ET

system of a down can be pretty technical... specially with the beats and speed changes

2004-09-11 07:27:25 ET

2004-09-11 07:32:47 ET

first of all, what the hell is this thing you refer to as, power bar chords the metal i listen to and play consists of none of that, so i dont know what the fuck your talkin bout, if anything your precious tech metal is gay...fillers, fuck that.
second, thech metal is an excuse for yuppies to go to show and do ecstacy and say im into metal, just to blend in with the crowd, is totally gay,
third, synthisizers lost it in the 80's, it was ther final year, now they bring em back, and instead of an electrical organ sound, they and metal clings and fuzzes, and call it pussy...youcall it...."tech metal"

2004-09-11 09:34:33 ET

D00D, tech metal means any music that involves "musical ability." Like Yngwie is considered "tech metal" because he uses the A-major scale and what now. Linkin Park isn't considered "tech metal" because they don't even know a scale from a choord. Bands that use good production techniques might also be considered technical. HELL, bands that produce their own music are considered technical these days. Someone once told me they hated Opeth because they were too technical. I could be stretching that story a bit but you know...

2004-09-11 18:07:54 ET

yea sorry that i offended you... i'm a musician... i listen to stuff with ability... cause i can't handle the easy stuff... it gets on my nerves...
and i like opeth... but mostly because of a lot of the backing music...
and the only reason i named well known bands... because i could name unknown ones all day... and just get a 'huh?'...

don't flip out... everything is ok...

2004-09-11 18:10:11 ET

and to let you know... that isn't what i call tech metal.. i'm not a yuppie... i've always listened to death, doom, black metal shit like that... or any band that shows any ability... there are some really good local ones... like lunacy driven, blinded by tears, claymore... i'm not talkin' about shitty bands that get on the radio with there Dj's makin' there music sound better

2004-09-11 20:37:00 ET

oh, sorry man i thought by tech metal, you meant, stuff like autobahn

2004-09-11 20:53:54 ET

it's ok... just a mis-understanding... it's easy to do... a lot of teenyboppers around out there like that... so no hard feelings

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