2004-09-14 17:44:29 ET

im buyin a paintball gun soon, a good one too, i think its good considerin itll be the second one i have ever owned, its a spyder, i forget the model number, it cost's like 169.

nm goin on this week, jus been havin fun playin my guitars, getting better with every passing moment

no plans so far this weekend, so if your a friend, and wanna do somethin this weekend, call me, i m me, anything, see you guys later

2004-09-14 17:49:45 ET

uhm... not sure if i've heard of a spyder...
how long you been playin'?

2004-09-14 22:35:10 ET

Spyder is the biggest name in the industry, peddling generic standards.

2004-09-15 00:53:26 ET

i don't really deal with many generic brands so i guess i don't really know... i guess it all depends on if you are plannin' on changin' the equipment in them or not though... get some paintball stuff O_o yea...

2004-09-15 00:55:26 ET

Naught but the quality is generic. They're decent paintball guns, just very entry-level. Nothing special at all.

2004-09-15 00:59:01 ET

hahaha mis-read the entry :::walks away slowly:::

2004-09-15 01:01:38 ET


2004-09-19 16:31:51 ET

spyders are reliable, but tippmanns take a beating. Anyone wanna buy my model 98?

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