2004-11-16 13:44:46 ET

well, the handing over of SK, i for one am pissed to see it fall into the hands of the likely candidate..oh well, i got hope, i mean hey...bush won

2004-11-16 13:49:41 ET

Here's something off the Thunder and Lightning album! I mean, Matt got the Thunder and Lightning album.

2004-11-16 14:01:54 ET

Wow. I'm so confused. I guess I should have read m0xie's page more often.
Who is getting the site?

2004-11-16 14:16:26 ET

some sort of new age emo-listening vegetarian, m0xie was way better

2004-11-16 14:33:04 ET

Um, the new age emo-listening vegetarian is a really freakin' awesome guy much like m0xie.

2004-11-16 14:44:33 ET

Axo rocks.

2004-11-16 15:11:59 ET

Hail axo and m0x !!

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