sweet cracker sandwich!!
2003-07-17 18:14:13 ET

i just worked 7 days in a row. bah.
i am so burnt out. i guess it was pay-backs for those 7 vacation days i took these past two weeks.

went shopping with jolie today. bought a cute skirt, a shirt, and my very first pant suit. i feel so smart and accomplished when i put it on. i love it. haha
i also bought some various other crap i'm sure i don't need. although, i did get a nice basket. the mew has claimed it for her own, i think.

all-in-all i'm pooped, and i've been having strange dreams lately. i think it's movie time. tah tah.

2003-07-17 18:24:58 ET

yeeeeeeeeeeah moooooooooooooooooooooooooovie!

2003-07-18 08:49:51 ET

your cat is being a bitch today.

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