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I reside in the outskirts of Detroit.

Sister from anotha Motha.

 i do anything to have it all back.    2008-02-02 09:00:44 ET

between the stress from work and class, pms, and my usual heavy-hearted state of being, I probably shouldn't have drank as much as I did last night.
Somewhere between beer 4 or 5 I felt good for the first time in days.

I feel nauseas, lethargic, run-down, angry, but mostly just sad.

you'd think that after all this time I wouldn't still feel this way?

 It's time to stop and take a deep breath.    2007-09-17 18:30:23 ET
I've been so damn busy since mid-August.
I visited some friends in Rancho Cucamonga, CA (and surrounding area). It was a good time. I'd never been to California before so we hit up Long Beach on day and went hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains the next. I also made it a point to eat at any restaurants that we don't have in dear ol' Michigan (such as In n Out Burger!).

Two weeks later, Jolie, our friend Craig, and I hit up Toronto for the Virgin Music Festival. It would have been nice to hang out downtown more but I had a blast! Seeing the Smashing Pumpkins was basically the greatest thing on Earth for me. I've loved them forever it seems.

Last weekend I went tailgating and to the football game, which I haven't done in years (even though I'm a State Grad!), at Michigan State. I've decided I'm getting season tickets next year.

Now that I'm broke it's time to stay home for a few weekends. Maybe.

Being busy helps take my mind off of a lot of things.

 Yes, I like country. No, I don't care how awful you think it is.    2007-08-07 14:43:48 ET
I saw my favourite performer/band, Gary Allan, in concert last night!

He's sooo dreamy! *melts*

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