There is no light at the end of the tunnel.    2007-08-05 07:51:45 ET

For better or worse, your relationship isn't some cheeseball sitcom: there's no soundtrack, and no pat, formulaic ending. Instead, the situation is a lot more real, substantive and, yes, complicated than that.

I know horoscopes are generalized and broad and written to apply to most people but sometimes they're so relevant to a specific personal issue that it's disturbing.

Today will be a bad day.

 It's been one whole year...    2007-07-29 17:16:15 ET

when will the pain go away?
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 It might be hot as sin but I am sooo going!    2007-07-20 11:11:08 ET
I'm going to get to go down the the Florida Keys for work.
That's the word, anyway.

We're doing a hotel renovation and swimming pool demo at one amazingly awesome resort.
Hawk's Cay

My boss asked me today if I want to fly down around the end of the month when he goes. I, of course, said "hell yeah!"

If he's not serious about it I will be so heartbroken. haha

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