Hey, why don't you update this? Okay.    2007-07-16 16:30:43 ET
Today, the owner of my company was out of the office so I sat at his desk pretending to be him.

Actually, I was in there working with my immediate supervisor (they share a large office) on some demolition pricing proposals all day.
I have to admit, it was a good time.

 Fancy Friday!    2007-04-06 16:36:47 ET
I bought the cats a neck tie while shopping at Target today. Piggy hated it and Anukis hasn't taken it off since I put it on her.

Their embarrassing business catual portraits follow...


     2007-04-05 14:04:27 ET
I'm not engaged anymore...not even with him...dang.

I feel like maybe I threw something away but really...who am I kidding?
As much as I love him I can't marry the one person in this world who hurt me so awfully bad that even 8 months later I can't trust or forgive him completely.

Maybe we'll get another chance one day.

I'm young, I'm broke and I'm a grad student...I just want to dick around for a while and do what I want.

...pick up some hunky mans at the bar, maybe? haha

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