Cryy cryyy baaaaby...    2003-02-04 05:09:11 ET
I got a new book yesterday. Odd Girl Out. I likes it.

 and for consuming the most food in one sitting, the National Title goes to....    2003-01-31 13:01:55 ET
i just ate 3 hotdogs w/ buns.
with mustard and a smidge of salsa to taste.
and i'm still hungry.
i am so disgusting.

katie's moving down stairs. yay. :D


 fuck you katie.    2003-01-30 13:46:21 ET
i'm getting my own room tomorrow. :D

i'm ecstatic.

one of my housemates moved out so my roomie katie is moving into his room.

i can romp around naked all i want now. yay.

i wiped the floor with ym calc2 test today. i am a math goddess.


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