i think i'm dying...    2003-02-26 18:52:28 ET
i feel like i'm dying.
i'm sluggish and week and achy and nauseated.
felt like this all week. bah.
i'm going to bed. :\

 What Did Jesus Do with your mother?!    2003-02-24 18:51:36 ET
I am so brilliant.
I <3 people.
They amuse me so much.

I've spent the past two hours milling around on some message boards. People just kill me. I have never been so amused by strangers in my life. Ooh the things our complex minds think of. :P

 Red and yellow black and white we're all precious...    2003-02-23 11:53:02 ET
If that's not the biggest eye sore, what is?


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