i think i'm dying...
2003-02-26 18:52:28 ET

i feel like i'm dying.
i'm sluggish and week and achy and nauseated.
felt like this all week. bah.
i'm going to bed. :\

2003-02-26 19:10:01 ET

:( fluishness sucks i was that way for the past 2 weeks..i hate it cause i can't miss anymore classes and it just keeps snowing ...

2003-02-26 19:10:46 ET

lots of vitamin C
lots of fluids
lots of rented movies
lots of ABBA

and I will magically garuntee a complete recovery.

2003-02-26 19:11:59 ET

ABBA..the magically speical medicine..ahh..man i need to add them to my playlist..maybe it'll make me feel better :)

2003-02-26 19:17:09 ET

wow havent heard from them in a loOOOOng time.

2003-02-26 19:23:42 ET

souper tropp.

2003-02-26 20:43:58 ET

Don't Die! Feel better!

2003-02-27 10:10:28 ET

i should pull through, one day. hopefully.
luckily i can manage to pull myself out of bed for class, it's work that i don't want to get out of bed for.

i'm gona go take a hot shower and listen to some ABBA.

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