Cryy cryyy baaaaby...
2003-02-04 05:09:11 ET

I got a new book yesterday. Odd Girl Out. I likes it.

2003-02-04 07:09:11 ET

read 'kentucky ham' by william burroughs jr.
it's cool

2003-02-04 17:19:10 ET

kentucky ham?
hm hehe
what is it about?

2003-02-04 19:18:08 ET

jo mama

2003-02-05 07:06:23 ET

it's about williams s burroughs jr. and how he goes to live with his dad as part of his writer's edge experience.
it's awesome. just so you know; williams burroughs was one of the founding members of the beat generation, he was freinds with neal cassidy and jack kerouac. anywayz, it's really awesome. also read bongwater, it's kinda the same beat/gutter style.

2003-02-05 16:08:31 ET

i'll have to take a look at those.
i was actually looking through some books by/about jack kerouac and some other books relating to the beat generation the other day at the book store. they seemed rather interesting.

2003-02-06 06:15:26 ET

yeah, i found 'the portable beat reader' and thats where i get most of my info at. im going to blow a paycheck on books one day... it'll be so cool

2003-02-06 11:06:47 ET

i'm starting to get to that point. i've found so many books, lately, that i want. they're all the expensive ones though.

2003-02-06 16:28:37 ET

liar face

2003-02-07 04:14:47 ET

poopy pants.

2003-02-07 06:22:02 ET

stupid head!

2003-02-07 12:07:38 ET

farty butt

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