2006-11-28 19:40:31 ET
I should totally be writing a GC lab report and doing some research on radiation for a paper.
I would much rather talk about myself in a public forum.

The end of the semester is nearing and the final exam pressure is mounting. There's a looming due date for a paper for which I have yet to start doing research. The good news? I have an outline! Baby steps, Kim, you can do this.
Also, I have these damn lab reports due each week that I cannot bring myself to do until the very last minute. Writing up reports is a huge aspect of my potential future career too. Ew.

Now we're on to careers. I need one.
I'm sick of my job. I'm not happy and it's becoming more and more difficult to hide. I've never really been happy with any job I've ever had but I'm actually wishing I were still working at my old job. I realize now that I really did love my old job and I'm absolutely miserable where I am now. My unhappiness is starting to affect other aspects of my life, specifically my relationship with Jeff.

He never sees me...I never see him. He's unhappy, I'm unhappy. It's so hard to concentrate on work/school/etc when all I think about is how I never get to spend quality time with him and how horrible I feel because I know how much he needs me to be around and I know that this is just not healthy for our relationship.

My life is full of these horrible cycles that I cannot stop but I can't help but wonder if anything will actually be different even if I can manage to break the cycle?

     2006-09-12 11:19:19 ET
I paid just over $300 for two textbooks only to find that they're both optional.
I am a sad panda.

 so...    2006-08-09 19:34:51 ET

I start grad school in 3.5 weeks. I saw one of my books at the book store and it frightened me. It's huge! 6lbs and 1079 pages of teeny tiny text!
That's for 1 of 3 classes. I'm doomed.

My boyfriend surprised me with a 5 year old son two weeks ago. That's great fun.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we've been dating for 4.5 years and there has been no previous mention of this.
I'm taking it as well as I can. I have my moments where I'm totally fine, and then those others moments...

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