Fancy Friday!
2007-04-06 16:36:47 ET

I bought the cats a neck tie while shopping at Target today. Piggy hated it and Anukis hasn't taken it off since I put it on her.

Their embarrassing business catual portraits follow...

2007-04-06 16:39:38 ET

haaaaaaahhahahahaha why is it so much fun to torture the mews?

2007-04-06 17:20:11 ET


2007-04-06 17:25:40 ET

oh jesus that cute.

2007-04-06 17:38:00 ET

They look so smart!

2007-04-06 17:39:08 ET

Tomorrow I'm getting an easter outfit for Smudgy. I will post pictures.

2007-04-24 02:51:52 ET

My head just exploded from the intense cuteness.

I need to get some for my babies. :)

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