2003-07-20 11:27:47 ET

yes, another. i am that bored.

dishes done. garbage gone.
sauerkraut and kielbasa is cookin.

the neighbors are arguing. they're throwing dishes. geezuz.

2003-07-20 13:41:50 ET

yell at them! and then blare music!

2003-07-20 14:40:45 ET

yes! i'll show them what's up!

2003-07-20 14:41:23 ET

indeed! u rool!

2003-07-20 14:43:59 ET

ahh. if only i did. :P

2003-07-20 14:44:27 ET

but you doo..
have u forgotten?

2003-07-20 14:46:30 ET

oh sweet cracker sandwich!! i do!
how kind of you to remind me.


2003-07-20 14:47:28 ET

yea see! I knew it.
you just had to remember!

2003-07-20 15:19:07 ET

tis true.

2003-07-20 15:19:45 ET


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