2003-07-22 12:38:45 ET

Dear Corporate Bastards,

I was not aware that your high profile, $100K+/year, 9-5 job, and shiny new car made you exempt from basic traffic laws and common courtesy. Eat shit and die mother fuckers.

Best Regards,
One Angry Poor Chick.

2003-07-22 13:06:01 ET

oh my.

2003-07-22 13:06:54 ET

i had a bad drive home. lol

2003-07-22 13:08:29 ET

Every drive for me is a bad drive... :)

2003-07-22 17:33:06 ET

that's shitty. why is that?
i have lived most of my life in the country so heavy traffic in the city especially at rush hour frustrates me like no other.

2003-07-22 19:54:59 ET

because i just started driving, hahahaha

2003-07-23 17:03:39 ET


2003-07-24 15:54:10 ET

I get pissed when cop cars get to speed through lights and I look at the light wrong have to have my car searched....bastards.

2003-07-24 15:55:17 ET

i particularly hate when i get my ass ridden by some assclown in an SUV.

2003-07-24 16:48:30 ET

RG>> at times i believe we have allowed police officers to possess too much power.
it's pretty shitty that they searched your car. especially if there wasn't a reason to.

G>> agreed!
SUV's are so pointless. I harbor extreme distaste for them.

2003-07-24 17:19:06 ET

as do i.

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