I don't care, what the people are thinkin', I ain't drunk, I'm just drinkin'
2003-08-03 17:26:15 ET

Went to Potter Park Zoo, in Lansing, yesterday with Jolie, Jeff and a friend of Jolie's. Saw a spider monkey take a shit then stick his fingers in it. Yum! I barked at the meerkats and they got all excited and ran up to the edge of their cage and stared at me. Watched the camel family walk in circles for 5 minutes. We were fairly sure that it was because they're used to walking in circles for the 'camel rides'. But, I saw NO PENGUINS! It looked as if they were cleaning the penguin pen. I am angered by this. A guy i work with told me "they all probably died and they're waiting for new ones." I am crushed.

Watched American Psycho II last night. I liked it. I think I even liked it better than the first one. Hm.

I was made a manager at work. Which is cool because I got a raise, but it sucks now because I won't be able to go home early anymore. bah. lol.

2003-08-03 17:35:46 ET

haha lOOOser

2003-08-03 17:48:11 ET

shUUUt up.

2003-08-03 17:51:53 ET

mAAAke me

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