2003-08-12 12:40:09 ET

ahh. it's so good to be out of work.

jeff just reformatted my computer. it's kinda nice. although, i'm having trouble getting things to re-install.
it keeps telling me "msiexec.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows" then it says "Error 1719".
I'm getting angry.

i've had really bad allergies the past few days. my tongue and throat are swelling up. it's so strange. i keep taking benadryl and tylenol allergy/sinus and it's making me so tired. i just wanna get better! :\

well, i am pooped. therefore, i will be napping.

2003-08-12 12:57:50 ET

Everyone's sick and tired lately. I just got better after 9 days of hell. Feel better!

2003-08-12 13:42:00 ET

What OS?

That error is with the windows installer specifically. You may be able to find a fix for it on microsoft's site if you can match up the criteria...i don't have a link I can point you to for the installer update make sure you get all the updates for your OS and if the problem continues, search the knowledgebase.

2003-08-12 13:50:38 ET

If you're running either flavor of XP, try checking this out.;en-us;315346

2003-08-12 16:29:16 ET

rlf<< i know! it's so strange. I sure hope i feel better soon, too. Thanks! :)

Dem<< windows 2000. i figured it has something to do with the installer. considering i know little about computers i'll probably just mill around and download a bunch of updates until it corrects itself. Thanks for the help.

2003-08-12 16:36:09 ET

rev<< that's exactly what i need. but not. i run windows 2000. i did some searches from that website just now, and nothing of use has popped up yet. I'll figure it out. One day. I really appreciate your help. Thank you! :D

2003-08-12 16:56:54 ET

actually, try that article revshade referenced. 2k and xp are very similar.

2003-08-13 06:06:38 ET

I have to agree. If it was one of the older FAT32 based file systems, it wouldn't work out right. Alternately, any article off this page should be of some use too, but I'm too lazy to look through them.

2003-08-13 10:24:21 ET

I'll take a look at that and see if i find anything. Thanks for the help! :)

2003-08-14 11:39:37 ET

No problem. I need to fill the empty space left by my last tech support job by helping people.

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