Our society is overly-dependent on electricity.
2003-08-15 07:22:58 ET

Good news:
my computer == fixed. yay! :)
as of 3am this morning our power is back on! woo! being without electicity, and all alone in your apartment really sucks.

Bad news:
I am still not well. I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me i have a sinus infection or i have mono. he gave me antibiotics, but if i don't show any signs of improvement i have to go in monday for a blood test.
I seriously doubt it is mono. I really hope it isn't anyway. There's no way i could have gotten it. I'm stumped.

Time to eat so i can take my anti-biotics.

2003-08-30 19:59:16 ET

ditto on the being alone without electricity thing.

2003-09-02 10:54:38 ET

yeah, the extreme quiet and darkness is no fun at all unless you have someone to pass the time with. lol

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