Mr Sandman?? Hello?
2003-08-30 19:53:19 ET

I have posted in a while. hm.
School started, it sucks. My sister is going to college here at MSU now also. It's nice to have a family member nearby, even if you don't always get along.

I'm leaving mega-early to go up north to my parent's cabin for two days. And I need to sleep, but I can't. This stinks. I'm going to go climb into some jammies and snuggle with Jolie's Mew, since Jolie is gone for the night.

2003-09-01 04:20:04 ET


2003-09-02 10:58:15 ET


you can have her back. i mean, please, tkae her back.

2003-09-08 20:24:31 ET

update your page, assclown. :D

2003-09-11 17:31:19 ET


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